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Best AI Software:  Must Have Software in 2023

...And Why You Have To Act Now To Get The best Prices and Get The Edge Over Your Completion by Getting This Software First!

August 2023 Best A.I. Software

The 2 pieces of software are must have, regardless of what business you are in. 

Both are in Beta launch and special pricing is available.

Why Get Both A.I. Software

Below will be demo video of the software.

One is a branding, social media, and lead generation software. It will create your entire brand, social media post, and give you laser targeted leads.

The other is superior at copywriting, sales and marketing. This will assist you in creating compelling content with ease with persuasive emails, sales pages. 

NowSite (Now A.I.) Demo

Watch how NowSite can be used to create a branded website and get laser targeted leads.

Optavia Review | Optavia Diet Review | Optavia Fuelings

Why Every Business Needs NowSite

Every business needs to create their brand identity and every business needs leads. 

It doesn't matter if you are a plumber, electrician, or the local taco guy.  

NowSite is especially grate for Real Estate Agents and Network Marketers.

As you can see, in the demo, NowSite is very effective at getting leads. 

NowSite "NowAI"

NowAI will your Social Media Marketing easier by:

Building Your Personal Brand 

Generate Authentic Social Content

Write all your messages perfectly

Just to be clear, what is meant by perfectly writing your messages means that the AI software will write the messages as if you were writing them yourself.

NowSite Unlimited

Make sure you get the unlimited plan because it includes:

Unlimited AI-powered websites 

Unlimited AI-powered email campaigns

Unlimited laser targeted leads

And so much more and it is constantly getting better.

Here's one of many stories from real people:

NowSite Affiliate program

NowSite offers a 2-tier affiliate program. You get 30% commission on your direct sales and a little extra on the sales of your direct customers.

Because NowSite has shifted it's focus on Network Marketing, it is possible to make some extra income by sharing it with others in your network marketing company.

Why It Is Critical To Get NowSite Now!!!

Other than the fact that the special pricing is ending soon, there are 2 basic reasons why you need to get this now!

First, is to get the competitive advantage over you competition before they find out about NowSite.

Second, is to make affiliate commissions by recommending NowSite to others.

People will find out about NowSite whether you recommend it to others or someone else.

There are 2 major events in Network Marketing coming on August 26,2023 and September 7, 2023.

The August 26 event will likely lead to a much larger event. 

NowSite will to be at one of those events, if not both.

Let me ask you a question

Is it better for you if you get those affiliate commissions or the event organizers?

**You must get the Unlimited Plan to get laser targeted leads.

Groove AI Demo

When you watch the demo, play close attention on how Groove AI improves on what ChatGPT can do to create persuasive content for your emails, sales pages, and blogs. 

Getting The Best Deal

Jasper AI was one of the first AI softwares to hit the market.

Little did people know, was that they were actually gouging their costumers. 

Well, it is not their fault, they were the first to the market and had the best AI sofware at the time.

Later it was discovered that they per paying pennies for what they were charging customers $99 per month for. 

Jasper AI started to lose customers because people could do pretty much the same thing for either free or pennies with ChatGPT. They since lowered their price from $99 to $39 per month. 

Why Groove?

First, Groove was started out as a competitor to Shopify with GrooveKart. They later came out with GroovePages. They changed their name to GrooveFunnels, and now they are just Groove.

GroovePages is a website building software created to compete with other marketing software like Clickfunnels, Kartra, and Leadpages.

Groove was created by marketers because the other software did not have any of the features they wanted to maximize their profits. 

For instance, Clickfunnels never added any special features for years, then they release Clickfunnels 2.0 which is at least 2-3 years behind Groove. 

While Clickfunnels 2.0 does have some improvements, but it still lacks features that Clickfunnels 1.0 has.  

As of 2023, you can still get GrooveFunnels/GroovePages Platinum account for a one time fee for the same price as 15 months for Clickfunnels Premium account.

With GroovePages you can get started for FREE. If you want you may use the button below to create an account and get some bonuses sent to your inbox for FREE.

Why Get Groove AI When ChatGPT is Free?

ChatGPT is only as good as the commands it gets from the user. These commands are called prompts. 

Groove AI was created for marketers to make more sales.

Groove AI is an improvement to ChatGPT by giving it special commands to create content with the purposes to sell something using the language and strategies of the best marketers to have ever existed.

The means you will be able to use Groove AI to create persusave content to make more sales. 

Why You Will Regret Not Getting Groove AI Today!

The beta version Groove AI will soon be released to the public.

As a result, you can get Groove AI for the best time possible for the best possible price. You pay a low one-time fee, and pay pennies for your A.I. content. 

After the initial launch, Groove AI will go to a monthly subscription model, just like Jasper AI.

This is your chance to get it for a one-time fee, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to other AI software on the market. 

Why You Will

The beta vee on the market. 

#1 Recommended Alternative

LiveGood is the #1 recommended health product alternative because you can get the highest quality products at the best prices.

The prices are even less expensive that those found on Amazon!


The vendors have to pay fees to Amazon which cuts into their profits, which can cause vendors to cut corners on quality.

With a LiveGood membership of only $9.95 per month, you save as much as 75% to 82% from more expensive brands with the same or better quality.

LiveGood Better Refund Policy vs Optavia

Optavia has a 30 day money back guarantee, but that starts "30 days of the receipt of your order".

One of the major complaints about Optaiva is how difficult it is to get a refund.

LiveGood has a 90-day empty bottle guarantee. 

While the membership and affiliate fee only has 7 day refund policy, you may simply pay the non-member price to take advantage of the full refund policy if you are solely interested in trying out the products.

LiveGood Better For Affiliate Marketing

Optavia has coaches (sales reps). Because it is an expensive product, you must be convinced to stick with the program.

In Optavia, there are restrictions on what other business ventures you are allowed to pursue, and how you manage your social media.

With LiveGood, you can run your business, using affiliate marketing strategies, because customers will likely see the value with the quality and pricing when you send them your link, whereas with Optavia, the customer may have second thoughts after seeing how expensive the packages are.

Earning Extra Income

Optavia does pay higher commission than LiveGood, but that is because the products are sold at a higher price.

Because LiveGood has wholesale pricing, even lower than Amazon for the highest quality products, it is easier to sell LiveGood Memberships.

It is much easier to sell a $9.99 monthly membership fee, just like Costco, when you can buy the highest quality products at wholesale prices.

Why Join LiveGood Today!

As you can see there is a tremendous amount of value with a LiveGood membership and the benefits of becoming an affliate.

But, you have to start right away?

In most affiliate programs, you get paid each time you refer a customer to a business. There is no residual income.

With LiveGood you get residual income as long as a customer maintains their membership.

LiveGood just started and has more affiliates in the first 8 months than similar companies have in 8 years. 

While you could still make money with LiveGood 8 years from now, but it will be much harder..

Get Special LiveGood Bonuses!

Learn my secret to get access to $997 affiliate marketing course for only $13. You get instant access to this information for free, even if you decide not to join LiveGood.

However, when you decide to join LiveGood the using the links on this site, you will get even better bonuses. 

Learm More About LiveGood
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